If you are in love with olive oil, this is your page. You have reasons and reasons to be because it is delicious and it is also the healthiest. But not all olive oil is the same, just as not all loves are the same. When every detail is taken care of, extra virgin olive oil becomes an AXIOM, an incontestable truth.

Each drop tells a story of tradition, authenticity and excellence. From the harvesting of the olives to the meticulous extraction process, Axioma invites you to immerse yourself in an experience where the truth is found in each tasting.

Explore our world of exceptional flavors and discover why Axioma is not just an oil, but a clear statement of unparalleled quality and flavor.


Do you see those two "lovebirds" in the drawing? They are Fernando and Agustina, our parents. This story begins with them. They have dreamed among olive trees and perhaps that is why AXIOMA has the color of their dreams: Hope Green. They were from the province of Jaén, which is located in Andalusia, in the South of Spain. They inherited a traditional olive grove, which today are centuries-old olive trees of infinite beauty, and decided to plant more on land that was then destined for cereal. They built their house in an old oil mill and there they had their 4 children: María Jesús, Mapi, Fernando and Jose.
I think the 4 of us smell a little of the oil from that old mill and the 4 of us have inherited that ability from our parents to dream of green hope. AXIOMA is the fruit of the olive tree, or “the olive” (as we call the tree here in Jaén)
and also the fruit of this story simple and true as life



Discover who we are, our dedication to the art of oil production, and how each bottle is a connection to the richness of history. Get to know us and let yourself be carried away by the authenticity of Axioma!



Early extra virgin olive oil is the summum, that is, the most of the most or "the best of the good." It is an elixir of life and not just a gourmet product. The picual variety is very characteristic of the province of Jaén and one of the most valued in the world for its stability and durability as well as for its fruitiness, aromatics and intensity.
If you are a lover of good cuisine, it cannot be missing from your table. It has the ability to transform everything with its color and unique personality. If you want to have an almost "mystical" experience, this is a path.


CROWFARMING: Or how to become a 21st century farmer

Or how to become a 21st century farmer

Adopt an olive tree

You can also join the care chain and be part of this agricultural company.

We would like to sell our oil directly to the consumer through this agro-social revolution called crowdfarming through which you contribute and decide that your oil is of the highest quality.

How does it work?

1. Adopt an olive tree and give it the name you want to give it.

2. Choose a date and delivery address where we will send your harvest in the form of oil (if you want you can send it to another person as a gift).

3. You will receive a box with four three-liter cans (12 liters) of picual variety extra virgin olive oil.

4. Each season you can stop the maintenance of your olive tree voluntarily , you have no commitment to permanence.

Thanks to your adoption we will be able to care for your olive tree in a way that is respectful of the natural environment (both plant and animal) and create quality agricultural employment.