Illustration:María Jesús Soto Soto

Our history

Between Olive Trees and Green Dreams

Welcome to the story that gave life to Axioma, a story that is woven between centuries-old olive trees and dreams full of hope.

Do you see those two "lovebirds" in the drawing? They are Fernando and Agustina, our parents. They are the heart of this story. The story of how Axiom came to life and how hope green became the color of our dreams.

Fernando and Agustina, originally from the warm province of Jaén in Andalusia, southern Spain, inherited a traditional olive grove.

They transformed the lands destined for cereal, planting olive trees that today stand as centuries-old witnesses of infinite beauty. Choosing to build their home in an old oil mill was a significant step, where their four children were born and raised: María Jesús, Mapi, Fernando and José Luis.

Axiom is more than the fruit of the olive tree; It is the fruit of this simple and genuine story, so rooted in life itself. It is the result of generations who have dedicated their lives to the land, to the oil that flows like a golden thread between the roots of our family.

Each drop of Axioma tells a story, where each olive tree is the protagonist, being a direct witness of the process and transporting us to endless sensations that make it unique.

Illustration:María Jesús Soto Soto

Our philosophy

A Deep Commitment to Nature and People

Our philosophy goes beyond oil production; It is a commitment rooted in respect for nature and people. We are guided by a simple but powerful motto: "Take care and let yourself be taken care of." We understand that everything is connected, that reciprocity between what we care for and ourselves increases vitality.

We strive to be responsible stewards of nature, carefully observing the cycles and processes that give life to our olive trees. But caring goes beyond the earth; It extends to the people who participate in each stage of our process. From the workers who carefully cultivate the olive trees in the fields, to those who help us collect their fruit, understanding that the quality of our oil also reflects the care towards those who contribute to its creation.

Good oil, for us, is a compedium of wisdom and ethics. It requires love and patience at every step, from selecting the olives to pressing and bottling.

At Axioma, the philosophy of caring is the essence of our brand. It is the common thread that interweaves tradition, quality and social responsibility in every drop of our oil. We have obtained an oil that is exceptional in flavor and appearance and that also has an ethical basis.

Illustration:María Jesús Soto Soto

Our team

Artisans of Excellence and Lovers of Tradition

At Axioma, our team is the heart that drives excellence and authenticity in each bottle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are a group of passionate artisans who deeply value the rich olive tradition of the Jaén region, in southern Spain.

Each one of us has deep roots in this land of infinite olive groves. Our family has dedicated generations to the cultivation of olive trees, and that deep connection with the land is reflected in the exceptional quality of our oil. It's more than a job; It is a legacy we carry with pride.

Our team is made up of professionals of excellence, dedicated to each phase of the production process. From the early harvest of the olives to the careful extraction and packaging, each step is carried out with professionalism and attention to detail. Each bottle is the result of the combination of knowledge transmitted from generation to generation and the implementation of the latest technologies.

Building Together Axiom:

AXIOMA is the result of the work of many. It is not possible to make good oil without the contribution of all the people who are part of the process. Apart from the four brothers and our families, we have Benjamín, Miguel, Gonzalo and our olive growers from Andalusia, who help us in the harvest and bring joy and life to our excellent oil. Thank you all!

Commitment to Sustainability:

At Axioma, we not only care about the quality of our oil, but also about the impact we have on the environment. We strive to implement sustainable practices at every stage of the process. Much of the farm is organic and the rest is in integrated production. We believe that caring for the land is essential to preserving the quality and authenticity of our oil for future generations.