Illustration: María Jesús Soto Soto

Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Elegance in Every Drop

At Axioma, our Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents the very essence of culinary excellence. This variety, native to the warm province of Jaén, is a jewel of nature that goes beyond being a simple condiment; It is a complete sensory experience.

Origin and Characteristics of the Picual Variety:

Early extra virgin olive oil is the summum, that is, the most of the most or "the best of the good." It is an elixir of life and not just a gourmet product.

The picual variety is very characteristic of the province of Jaén and one of the most valued in the world for its stability and durability as well as for its fruitiness, aromas and intensity.

Its composition has the highest content of oleic acid, low in linoleic acid and medium in palmitic acid. The high polyphenol content gives it its great personality with bitter and spicy attributes. The vitamin E it contains makes it a great natural antioxidant.

Among its organoleptic attributes, freshly cut grass and green almond predominate, with nuances of artichoke, green banana and pepper.

Early Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Where Freshness Becomes Art

Picual Early Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our commitment to freshness at its finest. The term "early" reflects its origin, harvested when the olives are at their optimal point of ripeness. At Axioma, we consider that an 8 in fruitiness in an early wine is an excellent grade, and it is precisely that quality standard that we seek to achieve in each bottle.

Characteristics of Early Picual:

  • Abundant Freshness: This oil captures the freshness of the olives at their perfect moment, offering an intense and vibrant fruitiness.
  • Art in Every Drop: Early harvesting and care in its production result in an oil that is truly a masterpiece of nature.

  • Unmistakable Aroma and Flavor: The high polyphenol content gives it its great personality with bitter and spicy attributes. The vitamin E it contains makes it a great natural antioxidant. Among its organoleptic attributes, freshly cut grass and green almond predominate, with nuances of artichoke and green banana.

CATA's notes

Intense green fruity oil, predominating freshly cut grass and green almond, with nuances of artichoke, green banana.

Its entry into the mouth is sweet, with a slight bitterness and medium spiciness persisting over time.

These organoleptic characteristics make it a very balanced and harmonious oil, which gives it a subtle elegance.

More than Oil:

A Tradition that Lubricates History

«Olive trees have lubricated the wheels of civilization since Jericho raised its walls and ancient Greece was the news of the day.

Since the first Egyptians, they have symbolized the joyful and the sacred in the Mediterranean.

But they are something simpler than all that: the next time the sun is shining and the tomatoes are ripe, take a piece of bread, sprinkle it with fresh thyme and think about what you will dip it with. This is my case »

(Mort Rosenblum)

At Axioma, we share this sentiment rooted in simplicity and authenticity. Our extra virgin olive oil is not simply a product; it is a bearer of traditions, a link to history and a companion in moments of culinary delight. More than oil, it is the essence of a shared experience, a story that unfolds with each drop. Axiom, where the richness of tradition meets the freshness of the present.

Illustration: María Jesús Soto Soto

Health benefits:

An Elixir of Wellbeing

Discover the numerous benefits that Axioma's Picual and Early Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil bring to your health. Beyond being a delicious addition to your dishes, these varieties are authentic treasures that contribute to your overall well-being.

1. Powerful Antioxidants: Cellular Defenders:
The richness in polyphenols makes Picual Oil a powerful natural antioxidant. These compounds work tirelessly to protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals, thus contributing to the prevention of premature aging and strengthening your immune system.

2. Improved Lipid Profile: Elevating Cardiovascular Health:
Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an incomparable ally to improve your lipid profile. It raises HDL cholesterol levels, known as the "good" cholesterol, and simultaneously reduces LDL cholesterol, the "bad" cholesterol. This combination promotes cardiovascular health by keeping cholesterol levels in balance, protecting your heart and arteries.

3. Prevention and Well-being: A Comprehensive Commitment to Health:

  • Control of High Blood Pressure: The anti-inflammatory benefits of Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil contribute to the control of blood pressure, helping to keep it at healthy levels and reducing the risk of hypertension.

  • Prevention of Thrombosis: Its unique composition promotes blood circulation, reducing the probability of thrombosis and promoting a healthy circulatory system.

  • Helps in the Prevention of Diabetes: Research suggests that regular consumption of Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be associated with a lower incidence of type 2 diabetes. Its beneficial properties in glucose control make this oil an ally in prevention of this metabolic disease.

4. Anti-inflammatory Properties: Reduction of Inflammation:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, especially the Picual variety, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. This ability to reduce inflammation in the body contributes not only to cardiovascular health, but also to the prevention of chronic diseases related to inflammation.

5. Improving Digestion: Promoting a Healthy Digestive System:
The richness in monounsaturated fatty acids in Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes to healthier digestion. It helps stimulate bile production, facilitating the breakdown of food and promoting the absorption of essential nutrients.

6. Weight Loss Support: A Balanced Nutritional Supplement:
Contrary to popular belief, Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be an ally in weight loss efforts. Its moderate consumption, thanks to its ability to provide satiety and regulate blood sugar levels, can help maintain a healthy weight.

Illustration: María Jesús Soto Soto

Culinary Uses:

Unleash your Creativity in the Kitchen with Axioma

Experience the culinary magic that resides in every drop of our Picual and Picual Early Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Axioma is not only an addition to your dishes; It is a catalyst of flavors that elevates each creation to new heights. Discover the versatility of Axioma and unleash your creativity in the kitchen.

1. Fresh and Vibrant Dressings:
Liven up your salads with fresh, vibrant dressings. Mix Axioma Extra Virgin Olive Oil with your favorite vinegars, fresh herbs and a touch of mustard to create dressings that enhance the natural flavors of your salads. From a classic green salad to more daring combinations, Axioma is the perfect base for dressings that awaken the senses.

2. Marinated with Character:
Infuse your meats and fish with the intense flavors of Axioma Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Create unique marinades by combining our oil with garlic, Mediterranean herbs and aromatic spices. Let the richness of Axioma enhance the natural flavors of your ingredients and add extra dimension to your roasted, grilled or baked dishes.

3. Sophisticated and Seasoned Sauces:
Elevate your sauces to new heights with the depth of flavor of Axioma Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From tomato sauces to stir-fries and emulsions, its fruity and aromatic profile adds a layer of complexity and sophistication. Use Axioma as a base for sauces that transform simple dishes into extraordinary culinary experiences.

4. Gustatory Accent in Pasta Dishes:
Enhance the flavor of your pasta dishes with the unmistakable touch of Axioma Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add a generous splash to your favorite pasta preparations, either with garlic and chilli for a burst of flavor or simply with fresh herbs to highlight the delicacy of the pasta.

5. Breads and Dip Dressings:
Turn your dinners into gourmet events by pairing freshly baked bread with an Axioma dressing. Mix our oil with fresh herbs, garlic and salt to create an irresistible dip that will delight your guests and transform any gathering into a unique culinary experience.

6. Innovative Desserts:
Surprise your palate by taking Extra Virgin Olive Oil beyond salty! Experiment with innovative desserts using Axioma in the preparation of olive oil brownies, ice creams or even in the preparation of fruit sauces. Its versatility allows you to explore new dimensions of flavor in the world of sweets.